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League President

Charlie Reynoso is a dedicated baseball enthusiast and founder of the Inland Valley Baseball Association, which oversees the California Premier Collegiate League (CPCL) and Sunset Baseball League (SBL). With a passion for advancing the sport, Charlie has cultivated these leagues into premier destinations for high-level competition, attracting top collegiate and amateur athletes.

Under Charlie's leadership, the CPCL and SBL have flourished as platforms for player development and achievement. His commitment to fostering sportsmanship, and character among athletes and staff has shaped a competitive and supportive community within both leagues. Charlie's vision continues to elevate the Sunset Baseball League and the California Premier Collegiate League as a beacon of opportunity and success for aspiring baseball players.

Charlie Reynoso SBL president
inland valley baseball

"We aim to provide a growth inspired environment for college baseball players to cultivate their skills during the summer. We are dedicated to fostering growth with the aim of empowering athletes to return to their respective programs as stronger and more confident players. Through quality coaching and competitive gameplay, we aspire to enrich the journey of each athlete, ensuring they leave our league with a renewed passion for the game."




League Commissioner 

Dylan Kuhn, a high school math teacher and baseball coach at Sunny Hills HS, brings a wealth of experience and passion for player development to his role as League Commissioner of the Sunset Baseball League (SBL). Dylan oversees league operations, ensuring a high-quality experience for athletes and coaches alike.


Under his leadership, the SBL has become a hot spot for both junior college and NCAA baseball players, offering an environment where they can grow both on and off the field. 

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